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Online Registration - New This Year!!!!

Posted on February 2, 2012 in Great Valley Regatta

Online Registration - New this year!!!!
Please be advised everyone that from now on Registration will be done ONLINE ONLY! Please go to one of our new websites to start your registration today!!! You can go to the Regatta tab and click on the Register Now button! Postcards will go out soon to all of those that registered last year with the new change. We are grateful for your support and while change is sometimes difficult, most of the time it is for the best! We look forward to seeing you all On May 5th! Please register soon, registration will close on April 14th or as soon as we are full!

We apologize that you did not receive the information sooner, but our site has been up and running since November.  The officers have been continually posting updates on the website, to spread the word, only to have our post's taken down by their administration.  We are very sorry for the confusion.  We know that many of you rely on that site for your information, unfortunatley the Fire Company itself does not own or control or we would have been posting since last year when the website change came about.  Neither the Fire Company or its Secretary are  trying to "ridicule the efforts" of the yagottaregatta website.  The site is great for posting pics and making comments for the general public, we just thought we had a better understanding with the administrator that we would be able to make posts from "The Fire Company".  Our website will be structured to provide vital information not just for Regatta, but also for other events, activities, trainings, fire prevention, things of that nature.  We want you to understand that all of the information posted on this site will be monitored by it's officers because they will be the ones held accountable for any false statements.

To correct a rumor that's going around, we ARE ACCEPTING JUST AS MANY APPLICANTS AS BEFORE.   It is true that we will more then likely fill to capacity again this year so it is of the upmost importance for you to register ASAP. The only real changes are online registration, Paypal confirmation and unfortunately Sales Tax, which we have no control over.

Our goal is to make registration easier and create a better environment with less confusion and more accountability.  New York State has changed some laws in terms of Non-for Profits and we are doing our best to comply.  We believe that one of the real bonuses this year will be your confirmation that your payment was received electronically.  Keep in mind, it's a fund raiser and since you have a Paypal receipt confirming a donation to a Fire Company, you should check your state laws to see if it can be used as a deduction? (Notice the word "check" we don't know the laws or proclaim to).

We also have a new Facebook Page so look us up!

We appreciate all of your continued support and please pass on the creation of this site to your fellow Regatta registrants.  All feed back thus far has been great!  As of yesterday we had one registration and one inquiry about the registration process. 

Clarence Bickell - President
Randy Wiser - Chief
Christy Wiser - Secretary
Officers of the Great Valley Volunteer Fire Company

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